About P2P Cash

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P2P Cash is a leading financial services technology company specializing in mobile financial transactions.

P2P Cash is working with partners to create and propagate mobile banking standards to enable 3 Billion consumers worldwide to access low cost financial services via their cellphones.

P2P Cash technology and intellectual property provides a highly secure, real-time mobile payment solution to deliver cash transfers and remittance payments in developing countries.

P2P Cash, through the Trusted Agent Network (TAN), enables any consumer - business or consumer – to send and receive mobile payments securely, conveniently and cost-effectively.

Mobile Banking

Many carriers are marketing their own brands of Mobile Banking or mWallet. P2P Cash either integrates with the carrier’s mWallet or provides one at no cost. Regardless of the integration arrangement, P2P’s distinct advantage is that it provides seamless international cash transfers, turning carriers from potential competitors into willing partners. P2P believes that target marketing of national distribution chains and large wireless carriers via their existing trusted mWallet financial services providers will lead to widespread offering of P2P’s offerings by both channels. It is worth noting that a single carrier clearinghouse relationship has the potential to reach over 1 Billion consumers very quickly.

Intellectual Property

P2P Cash invented a unique method for implementing a mobile banking standard that can work with any wireless carrier and/or any bank worldwide. The Company has filed to protect this unique invention for patent protection for its intellectual property in several jurisdictions worldwide including China, Mexico and Europe.

The US filing can be found online under US patent application No. 11/573,432: Title: Method of Providing Cash and Cash Equivalent for Electronic Transactions.