The Company has assembled a strong team of partners with decades of financial services technology expertise.

Equity Bank

Equity Bank is the largest bank in terms of customer base in Africa and maintains nearly half of bank accounts in Kenya. The company’s vision is “to be the champion of the socio-economic prosperity of the people of Africa”. Equity Bank retains a passionate commitment to empowering its clients to transform their lives and livelihoods. Through a business model that is anchored on access, convenience and flexibility, the bank has evolved to become an all-inclusive financial services provider with a growing pan African footprint. P2P Cash is proud to partner with Equity Bank for the delivery of mobile financial services across the continent.

Ripple Labs

The creators and supporters of the Ripple protocol. Ripple’s team of experienced cryptographers, security experts, distributed network developers, Silicon Valley and Wall Street veterans contributes code to the open-source software and works with financial institutions and payment networks to accelerate the growth of the protocol. P2P Cash partners with the Ripple team to support our mutual effort to shepherd a movement to evolve finance so that payment systems are open, secure, constructive and globally inclusive.


P2P Cash is working with MasterCard to establish worldwide mobile banking standards. MasterCard created standard procedures to enable any bank to issue credit cards and any retailer to accept them. We believe that MasterCard will be successful in creating a similar structure to provide financial services to the unbanked. P2P Cash is committing its resources including its patent portfolio to assist in these standard development endeavors.


The SWIFT network brings together over 10,000 of the largest banks in the world onto a single clearing and settlement platform. P2P and our integration to SWIFT allows P2P to deliver direct deposit into over 3 billion banks worldwide.


The GSMA is the worldwide Association of Wireless Telecommunications Carriers that support the GSM communication technology standard. Standardization has significantly improved their ability to create economies of scale between the carriers and therefore benefited every carrier in the Association. P2P Cash is working with the GSMA to conduct mobile wallet interoperability trials between carriers to be considered as part of the emerging financial services standards.

Distribution Partners

P2P Cash has signed contracts achieving cash distribution into a total of 63 countries including some of the largest global banks.

Technology Partners

The P2P Cash patent pending technology is a distributed peer-to-peer technology. To take advantage of this technology, with MasterCard, the Company is aggregating various mobile wallet technology providers around a global central clearing and settlement network.